Become a member

This is how you become a member:

1. Make yourself familiar with our bylaws: URD Stadgar   (Currently only in Swedish)

2. Send the following information to

– Full Name

– Personal number

– Address

– phone number and email address

– Choose Member, or Skating member.

Mark the email with ”Membership [year] New/Renewal”

Example: Membership 2016 Renewal – For a current member renewing their existing membership for 2016.

3. Pay the membership fee

– 300 kr


Ume Radical Rollers
Bankgiro: 790-6191
Message: Your birthdate with the last four digits, in the following order YYMMDD-XXXX.



Please observe that a paid membership fee without submitting complete information will not be considered a membership.

For information regarding training fees, contact

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